Networking Opportunities

Regional Engagement

No matter where you live, you're likely to find a Regional 校友 Club near you. 俱乐部 offer alumni a variety of activities, services, and networking opportunities.

Professional Connections

Professional Connections 集团s organize special events, continuing education programs and networking opportunities for alumni and students.

Career Development

Center for Career Development provides students and alumni with career and life management assistance, that is consistent with their unique talents, aspirations and vision for living.


的使命 彩虹皇室成员, 斯克兰顿's LGBTQIA+ and Ally 校友 Network, is to foster continuing connections between 斯克兰顿's LGBTQIA+ alumni with other LGBTQIA+ university members and the broader university community. Aligning with our Catholic and Jesuit values, 彩虹皇室成员 will work towards cultivating community and creating a space where all are welcomed and valued. Leaning on the Jesuit ideal of 看台Personalis, we are committed to caring for the whole person of every person. We will create an inclusive environment that will be promoted both on-campus and at our off-campus events.


的 University of 斯克兰顿 Book Club is a completely digital experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Read along with fellow Royals and then tune in for scheduled online 集团 discussions and video conference reflections with Executive Director of the Jesuit Center, 牧师. Patrick Rogers, S.J. along with other members of 的 Jesuit Center staff.

LinkedIn Social Networking

Expand your network of people by joining 的 校友 Society of 的 University of 斯克兰顿 LinkedIn 集团.

G.O.L.D. 校友

Did you graduate from 的 University in the past ten years? If so, then you are part of 黄金 (研究生s Of the Last Decade) 校友. 黄金 was created to inspire, engage and welcome recent graduates into the 斯克兰顿 alumni network. 黄金 gives you the opportunity to network with other young alumni, stay connected to your Royal family, and give back to your University. 

Beyond the Commons

Beyond the Commons is a dinner series that gives students an opportunity to connect with 斯克兰顿 alumni. 每一个晚餐, set in a venue in downtown 斯克兰顿, brings approximately 15 students together with one to three alumni. 的 atmosphere of each dinner is casual, and conversation is centered around a specific topic.